New Paths

The NewPa project is designed as an educational alternative based on transmitting the importance of values and environmental awareness through experiences of linguistic immersion.


Spanish is used as a vehicular language to inspire children to have an interest in other cultures and give them the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom.

We firmly believe education is the basis of all changes. The NewPa program is an initiative that combines values, education and nature to form "Econscience".

Our goals go hand in hand with the excitement and the desire to do things the correct way that make us pay special attention and care to the design of our programs.

The Sustainable Development Goals are present in all our activities and we contribute to them with our work ethics. Specially reinforcing our work in numbers 4, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 8. 

Specialists from the world of education

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Create a link between the children and the environment, developing their curiosity and their interest in nature.

Raise awareness of the need for responsible consumption.

Promote positive attitudes, respect, social inclusion and discovery of new cultures.

​​ Encourage the personal autonomy of children.

Promote the use of the Spanish language as a form of communication to bridge the gap between different countries.


The team

Equipo NewPa Inmersiones Inglés
Jess, the Kind Goblin


Lola, The Apprendice


Mary, the Little Bird


Equipo NewPa Inmersiones Inglés
Monica, the Nature Lover Mummy

Founder & Director

Equipo NewPa Inmersiones Inglés
Edd, the Adventurer



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Our EcoSystem

Thanks to our partner companies our project continues to grow.

The creation of materials for Workshops and Camping Days at NewPa is based on a sustainable process that fulfils our commitment to promote circular economy.

Therefore, we use scraps of wood, plastic, tubes, metal, cables or furniture that companies recycle by giving it to us for the elaboration of different elements: composter bins, chicken coops, gardening hydroponic systems, teaching materials, etc.

If  you  are  a  company...

Recycle with us!

We use metal, wood and plastic scraps for the production of our sustainable materials for the Workshops and Camping days.

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